7 Cam Model Skills for Great Performers

There are many cam model skills that you can utilize to help attain the coveted Unicorn status, but I will stick to 7 that top the list in my mind. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect and once you infuse your own unique style and personality into the skills that follow, you will be much more likely to burn a permanent place in your clients’ memory.

Engaging Conversation

This seems obvious, but I cannot tell you how many times I have wandered into a performer’s room to see them staring blankly into their phone, not interacting with anyone. Yes, sometimes these people have tons of followers and may be popular for various reasons, but is that really how you want visitors to remember you?

Pay attention to everyone that enters your room. Every, single, person. This can definitely get tough as your popularity grows, but is well worth the effort. The best cam models I’ve seen greet each and every guest by user or real name. That alone can be exhausting but make each person feel a little more special than before they entered. In this same vein, if you take the time to keep notes for your best customers, you’ll have talking points for them whenever they visit. Of course, be careful with privacy in free chat as you probably don’t want to mention their micro phallus even if they pay you to humiliate them.


This is one of those cam model skills that an entire blog could be written about, so we’ll focus on some key points. Every performer has a camera somewhere in the room focused on them, but how many jazz it up with unique camera angles, lighting, or props? I’ve been pleasantly surprised on several occasions to see mirrors strategically placed to capture multiple angles of a performer’s body. This allows for greater variation of a given fantasy, all being viewed at the same time!

Lighting is another consideration that really has no limits. I’ve seen everything from rope lights, LEDs, Christmas lights, mood, strobe, and displays with messages. You can really spruce up a room just be adding some cheap illumination to liven up your environment easily.

Then there are the props. There are so many things you can have on hand to create interest that spark conversation. Stuffed animals and pillows seem to be commonplace, some with wording that is funny as hell. Other times, paddles, handcuffs, whips, dildos, vibrators, costumes, and heels can all pique your visitors’ interest. Really, it just comes down to allowing ideas to flow and try things out for fun.


Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say and your room as well as your cam model skills will grow over time. Try creating accounts on multiple cam sites and experiment with different things. Each site attracts slightly different clientele that have varied wants and desires worth exploring. Some places have patrons that are much harder to part from their money than others, etc.

Also, when first starting out, you want to see those Benjamin’s pouring in, but this also takes time. Make it a part of your routine to take a look around other model rooms and see what they’re doing. It’s easy to get frustrated, but there’s usually a reason why something isn’t jiving right. Be humble in your approach and learn from those ranked higher than you.

Game Maker

This is similar to creativity, but deserves it’s own section due to its power. People want to be entertained and not just sexually. Often times, you can think of ways to gamify the tips you receive or what you’re willing to do at a certain level of pay. These games not only break up the monotony of managing the room but can get you more money!

You can have whiteboards that list your top clients by username. I’ve seen this many times and it’s a fantastic motivator for your clients to compete for your affection. From time to time, bring attention to the contest and give out videos or pictures for different levels. A variation to this is using a spinning wheel that lists special acts you can perform, so it’s always spontaneous and fun.

Another great way to incorporate games is to ask your room a question like, “where was the strangest place you had sex?” Not only will you get a ton of responses, but people will help fuel the game without even thinking about it. This also drives the level of arousal by painting whatever fantasy you wish them to think about.


Another one of the key cam model skills is to be open with your thoughts. If you’re having your period, you can just come out with it and let people know. There are many models that will make a joke about it and let her room know there isn’t any penetration. Of course, this all depends on your level of comfort, but being transparent can go a long way.

This also helps create trust for your clients and keep them coming back. If you’re in a bad mood and don’t want to deal with certain things, just say so! Usually, people will try and help you turn things around for the better instead of wondering what is different. Also, when you’re hungry or need to pee, just do it! Let people know in a funny way and you might even get tips from people wanting to watch you eat Cheetos on camera (I’ve seen it and the orange clit that followed).

And if you ever don’t want to do something, please don’t and tell people before they even try. List all the acts you’re not into or things you will not discuss, etc. This honesty goes a long way toward showing your genuine self and personality. It also turns people on, even if they don’t realize it.

Social Marketer

You can only do so much on the site(s) you belong to in generating traffic to your room. Truly amazing cam model skills utilize social media to market themselves toward explosive growth. You do have to be careful and play by the rules or you will find your profile being blocked faster than a cheap client blowing their load.

Twitter is the most adult-friendly and Facebook being the opposite end of the spectrum. Instagram is always a go-to site since you can post all your delicious pics, but be careful. Avoid full-on nudity and be more suggestive with your content, making sure to add plenty of related hashtags.

You can also create a Tumblr blog and interact on a deeper level with clients. Tumblr allows some pretty hardcore content too, but still follow their posting rules to be safe.

There are many other options out there but make sure you also know your site’s rules. Some don’t allow links to anything at all, while others are pretty open about it, so tread lightly.


The final of the cam model skills will help all the others. You are an amazing, vibrant, and beautiful person that is doing something pretty awesome. It takes a lot of courage to bare yourself to the world and be your most honest self.

At first, it may seem awkward to have a camera staring at you and your mind may remind you of insecurities you have. Remember that people are there to see you, so accept yourself for the good and equally the bad. Age, looks, shapes, sizes, colors are all things we focus on but there is a market for everything.

Another point to remember is to never let anyone do or say something to you that makes you uncomfortable. Clients do not own you and are simply renting your time. You always withhold power in every exchange and you make the rules. Don’t be shy to tell someone off that did something wrong or rude to you or someone else in your room. Be strong because, after all, this should be a very rewarding business, both financially and physically pleasurable.

This wraps up the 7 cam model skills for great performers and may seem like a lot to remember at first glance. But, with time, it will flow from you quite naturally and you wont even have to think about it!