How Erotic A Cam Model Are You

As with everything in life, erotica and what can be defined as being erotic changes vastly depending on who you ask. For some casual observers, their idea of what turns them on or is titillating directly corresponds to simple things such as the level of nudity. I find there’s an entire world out there of simple actions that can have profound effects on the sexual interest of your viewers.

Erotic Eyes

I’ve mentioned this before in another post, but on several occasions a cam model had the “it” factor in their gaze. They looked at me through the camera as if they were staring into my soul, there with me in the same room. I could feel sexual tension and energy just by how a sideways glance or flutter of the eyelashes fell upon my screen. You can try to teach someone this, but I feel many of these models just tried things out and realize what works for them.

Erotic Mind Theater

Sometimes, it’s better to allow your client to create the ultimate scenario of lust in the theater of their own mind. I remember the first time I saw the hysterical literature post. The setting is quite simple but brutally effective – several women read from a book of their choosing, but are being stimulated underneath a desk with a vibrator to orgasm. You don’t see any nudity or even below the desk. But this is one of the most erotic art series I’ve ever seen, especially my favorite, Stoya.

Not everyone agrees, but my point is to try your hand at the art of the tease. Play with it in new and vibrant ways that have the potential to drive your clients mad with passion. And who knows, you may find you create a niche for yourself and gain a specialized following!

Erotic Confidence

I’ve met many cam models that were mostly similar, but occasionally came upon some with a confidence that radiated. It spilled forth in beautiful waves that commanded my attention and desire. This is another one of those things that is hard to define and can easily fall under the category of being cocky. Whether woman or man, when you know what you want and who you are as a person, it’s quite intoxicating.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what it means to be erotic as a cam model. I recommend finding your style, trying new things, and see how people react. I’m always trumpeting the idea of being your truest self and, in the end, will greatly add to your sex appeal.