Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated Cam Models

Earlier today I was perusing some cam sites looking for models I wanted to review. I found someone that I started chatting with and asked if they minded me linking to them as well as using some pictures. This is pretty standard, as I try to get permission even though most sites allow this exact kind of promotion anyhow.

To my surprise, the performer responded harshly asking me if it looked like they needed help with promotions. After they continued telling me off, I simply thanked them for their time and left the room. All they had to do is say no and I would have been happy to be on my way, no questions asked. This brings me to the point of this quick tip – in cam modeling or anywhere in life really, treat others as you with to be treated. It sounds easy, but so very rare in practice from what I’ve seen.

Modesty is key

All cam models start from the same place and have to work their way up to hopefully become popular. Cam sites rely upon an army of affiliates, social media, and advertising to promote their performers. What better way to get some qualified eyeballs to visit you than people that actually want to see you? Where these potential clients come from shouldn’t matter and all add to a pool of possible fans. After all, I would be ecstatic for anyone to flatter me with traffic interested in learning more about me.

Always remember where you came from in the back of your mind and stay modest. You never know when or where that next whale will come that has deep pockets willing to rain upon you. No one is ever too big and extra clients with money to spend is always a good thing!

Right now is just the beginning for this blog but if I ever react in a negative manner toward anyone, please remind me of this article so I can deflate my head back to normal size.