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Welcome to Camming Unicorn! I’m Mr. Unicorn, here to help you navigate through the wonderful world of cam modeling. There are plenty of thrills, chills, and spills ahead so please keep your hands inside the ride at all times for your safety.

I created this blog after finding a fascination in the camming world. At first, I had seen plenty of ads around various sites for tons of different live webcam sites but never had much of an inkling to click on them. I noticed the big players that seemed to invest the most advertising dollars hanging out on the Internets but also many, many smaller ones that continually popped-up in my browser. I’m not sure exactly what changed, but one day I decided to click on one such ad.

Up on my screen came an adult content ahead warning, which I eagerly clicked through and was met with a plethora of online cam girls waiting to take my money, I mean chat with me freely and get to know me as a unique individual. This was a veritable smorgasbord of Women to choose from in wonderful and varied categories for every niche. I clicked on the first model and began typing away saying hello and asking how they were doing. No response. Then, I quickly realized I would most likely be ignored with a pitiful guest account and that I needed to open a real one with a shiny new username.

Blonde Cam ModelOpening an account and verifying my age was a breeze, as well as linking a payment source, of course. With my pristine newly created ticket to cammy town in hand, I went back to the first room I had clicked on. Low and behold, the model responded to me and we were off to an interesting and fun conversation! We spoke of many things – yes, some sexual, but many not and I was fascinated with the psychology of the entire interaction. She was very chill and seemed to be quite at home in her ability to multitask between every single visitor to her room. After each arrival, she would greet them by either username or their real one, if she new it, and I was impressed with her ability to pay such close attention, yet make it look so natural.

Over time, her room became very popular and suddenly she would be taken into a “private” or “exclusive” room where a client paid her by the minute to perform any number of fun-filled tasks for and/or with them. With my interest piqued, I tried out several of these sessions myself and was pleasantly surprised with the convenience and ease at which people could express their fantasies. Right away, I could see the potential for cam models or affiliates of those sites to make a ton of money and had to gain more knowledge of the industry.

I began talking to multiple people for both business and pleasure, finding out more information and seeing what worked and didn’t work in creating an engaging experience for clients. Instantaneously I had such a massive amount of respect for cam models and how hard they worked to hone their craft. After awhile, I wanted to share what I learned with the general public as well as people that were interested in getting started as models themselves. This is why and how I created this blog. My aim is to share all of the interesting things I’ve found along my adventures in this industry to both entertain my readers as well as help new models get started and become the next Camming Unicorn!